JULY ; 01

35961517662_df8e876118_hOtaru is still a small town crowded with tourists in the summer (though make no difference during winter time i guess). The second visit 2 weeks ago brought me back to some familiar scene, yet the perspective and experience of photography has changed dramatically.

We drove around 1.5 hr from Chitose airport after 9 hours flight,  and waited for more than half hour at the car rental office (full of people in the summer!). I always enjoy driving in Japan rural area (or at least out of main large city/metropolitan), plenty of scenic route along the way. So here is the first post after sometime, and the very first short writing of what I have seen along the trip.


ƒ/5.6; 1/640; ISO 100


ƒ/2.8; 1/2500; ISO 100. beautiful plays of light and shadow


ƒ/5.6; 1/500; ISO 100


ƒ/2.8; 1/3200; ISO 100. Light, shadow, structure, line, pattern, things that are lethal attraction to me


ƒ/5.6; 1/1000; ISO 100

35961516422_dc93eb4307_hƒ/2.8; 1/4000; ISO 100





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