April 2017; 01

I love this 4 particular images I took this weekend on the street at the town center.

1st one I think there is some sense of humors in it. The mother and daughter caught my attention immediately and it make a very surreal scene somehow together with the water jet. A somewhat exotic shot that I titled as “OASIS”. ƒ/5.6; 1/400; iso 100


The second image is more fun. I immediately thought it as a scene in Inception/Dream a like scene. Perhaps the bottom part of the image should be larger portion, but I did not have much choice due to limits of the viewing angle that time, not to mention the workers are moving and moving away. ƒ/2.8; 1/1000; iso 100.


The third one is simple shot of trees. No excuse, I just obsess with tree brunches. And I think this one is gorgeous. ƒ/5.6; 1/400; iso 100


The last one is a quick shot. I saw the light and shed area, so just stand at the corner waiting for the girl to cross the light/shed area. If you understand Chinese character, it would make more sense/much more interesting. The words literally mean Gods and Buddha (for chinese religion) so you see the lighten area is full of those words……well at least it is a fun shot for me……ƒ/9.0; 1/160; iso 100



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