March; 03

I must admit I am not particular good at people/portrait on the street. However I enjoyed very much shooting the interaction between human and the surrounding environment. In this context, I view street photography (if there is really such a genre) as the documentation of things one see on the street, be it more human (life/culture/lifestyles) orientated or towards more conceptual/abstract (like those great master e.g. Saul Leiter). In fact, sometime I do think my subjects on the street are more towards the latter. Occasionally I can have really enjoyment walking around the street for whole day with my wife during travelling (treat myself a cup of drink in any cafe along the way).

Here are some more satisfying images I made recently came from last month Tokyo trip:


THE TREE. gx85. ƒ/5.0. 1/800. 25.0 mm. ISO 200.


THE PHILOSOPHER. Samsung S6. sort of 28mm equivalent.


THE IMMORTAL. gx85. ƒ/8.0. 1/10. 25.0 mm. ISO 200.


SLEEPER TRAIN. gx85. ƒ/7.1. 1/15. 25.0 mm. ISO 200.


TRAIN STATION. gx85. ƒ/5.0. 1/6. 25.0 mm. ISO 200


GHOST OF WINTER. gx85. ƒ/3.5. 1/15. 25.0 mm. ISO 1250.


NO DOG. gx85. ƒ/5.6. 1/640. 25.0 mm. ISO 400.

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