March 01


Meditation. Light & Shadow series

I just want to shoot, daily. Gears are not important albeit sometime I do wish I have a better tool with higher dynamic range, etc. But really, it is not that important after all especially when I just make some interesting images (still life/architecture mainly) using the existence of light & shadow during my after lunch walk.

This is my own way of meditation. The moment I start to shoot, I tend to throw whatever negative thoughts or boring work life behind me.

Why do I take photograph? A simple answer would be I just love to take photographs. I used to take a lot in a day when travelling. These days I took less but I think I start to make more delicate approach to think about what I want to shoot. I start to think about long term target/project and I have many ideas indeed.

Overall, I think I can/try to be a better photographer by doing that.

One of the object of my affection is the interplay between light & shadow on the building/structure. Sometime I shoot the portion of the structure so I do not really know if it can be categorized as architecture photography in general sense. But that is not important now, it is just my affection at lunch break. Below just few of recently taken image either at lunch or weekend walk.


33185563620_80c2b39696_oShine I.



Shine II.


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